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Hotel rooms

The restaurant and hotel complex «Muhomor» gives an excellent possibility to have a good rest for each client. Nothing effects as refreshingly as a sound sleep in a small cozy and comfortable wood house built on the edge of pine forest. The scenery opening from a window of the Poltava hotel on beautiful high pines, fresh air and a twitter of birds in a combination with convenience of city high-class apartments – all this you will find in a in hospitable small houses of «Muhomor» complex.

«Muhomor» hotel offers 4 suites of «Standard» class, 1 suite of «Standard Plus» class, 1 suite of «Semi-Luxe» class and 4 suites of «De Luxe» class.

Standard     Standard Plus      Semi-Luxe      De Luxe

«De Luxe» suites

Magnificent suites of a «De Luxe» class represent the isolated two-storied cottages on a turn-key basis. Each suite is decorated in different pastel tones. Here you can drink a cup of invigorating coffee reading the latest newspaper on a balcony with summer furniture. The combination of durable wooden furniture, soft corners and armchairs, the big mirrors and decor elements picked up with tastes by designers of an interior creates calm and cozy atmosphere for rest after journey, romantic evening or celebrating of important events.

In each «De Luxe» hotel suite there is available a sitting room and a sleeping room. Suites #5 and #8 have a two separate bathrooms. Besides a double bed on the second floor, in a sitting room of each suite of a «De Luxe» class there is a soft corner on two berths. «De Luxe» suite is completed by a wardrobe, a dining table, the mini safe with the coded lock and the conditioner in each suite. All necessary equipment including the city phone, two plasma TVs and the musical center is given to visitors of Poltava hotel «Muhomor». You always will find the fresh complete set of terry gowns and towels, a hairdryer, slippers and all necessary mini perfumery in a bathroom with heating of the floor.

It is opened the access to the free Wi-Fi Internet and twenty-four-hour service of restaurant for the lodgers of «De Luxe» suites.

Suite #5 (two-storey cottage)

Suite for non-smokers.

Suite #6 (two-storey cottage)

On the balcony there is a place for smoking.

Suite #7 (two-storey cottage)

On the balcony there is a place for smoking.

Suite #8 (two-storey cottage)

On the balcony there is a place for smoking.