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Hotel rooms

The restaurant and hotel complex «Muhomor» gives an excellent possibility to have a good rest for each client. Nothing effects as refreshingly as a sound sleep in a small cozy and comfortable wood house built on the edge of pine forest. The scenery opening from a window of the Poltava hotel on beautiful high pines, fresh air and a twitter of birds in a combination with convenience of city high-class apartments – all this you will find in a in hospitable small houses of «Muhomor» complex.

«Muhomor» hotel offers 4 suites of «Standard» class, 1 suite of «Standard Plus» class, 1 suite of «Semi-Luxe» class and 4 suites of «De Luxe» class.

Standard     Standard Plus      Semi-Luxe      De Luxe

«Standard Plus» suite, #9 (room inside main building)

Suite is situated in the main building of a restaurant and hotel complex «Muhomor», where also located a restaurant, karaoke and billiard rooms, east hall. Air-conditioned suite with double bed is completed by wardrobe, telephone, plasma TV with satellite channels. In the bathroom you will find the fresh complete set of terry gowns and towels, a hairdryer, slippers and all necessary mini perfumer. It is opened the access to the twenty-four-hour service of Poltava restaurant for the lodgers.

Suite for non-smokers.